Administering an Estate: How we can help you

Administering an individual’s estate on their death is something that you may have to face dealing with for a family member or friend.  You may be a personal representative on your own or with others.  This can often be the first time you have had to deal with something like this, or, you may have been a personal representative before and know how much needs to be done to conclude an estate.

You may only need to obtain a Grant of Representation for a straightforward estate, or, you may also need help with collecting in and distributing the estate.

All of this can be quite daunting and time consuming and something that you do not want to undertake on your own without legally qualified, professional help and support.

Shelly Wainwright-Jordan is a specialist private client solicitor with over 10 years experience based full-time at our Rugeley office.  Shelly can help you with all issues relating to administering an estate, such as:-

  • Advice on valuing the estate and calculation of any inheritance tax liability.
  • Obtaining Grant of Representation either for an estate where there is a Will or where there is no Will.
  • Help and advice on the distribution of an estate under the terms of a Will, or, where there is no Will.

Advice is also available on making Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

We are transparent about our costs and will give you a quote for our anticipated fees at the outset of the matter so that you have up front information.

If you would like our help and advice, please contact Shelly Wainwright-Jordan or her assistant Sarah Conyon at our Rugeley office on 01889 803080, or by completing the enquiry form to the right.