Litigation Solicitors

When there’s a dispute going on, there is generally unrest and quite often bitterness. Whether it’s between neighbours, landlord and tenant, employer and employee or with a service provider, or there’s an outstanding debt or an issue with a contract or a contested will, a common denominator remains: you’re going to need professional advice if you want to resolve it effectively and amicably as possible.

There are many ways to resolve a dispute and litigation is just one of them. Here at Pickering & Butters, we have an extensive background and proven track record in getting disputes resolved in as amicable a manner as possible. After all, sometimes it really isn’t desirable to fall out long term: sometimes it is best all round if a relationship can be preserved.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you come to us with a dispute, we will look at alternative dispute resolution (ADR) ahead of thinking about taking the matter to court. If we can help you resolve the issue using mediation or arbitration, then all the better for you. It will be generally quicker, and far more cost effective.

If, however, the matter does need to progress to court, then you can have full reassurance of skill, knowhow and experience as well as a long history of success in achieving beneficial outcomes for our clients. We will work with you all the way, right through to representing you in court, for total consistency.

Some of the most common types of dispute our dedicated team of litigation solicitors deal with are:

Disputes are often more easily resolved with good communication and by entering into negotiations as early on as possible.

For tailored legal advice on resolving a dispute, please get in touch with our Staffordshire solicitors in Stafford and Rugeley