Franchising Law

Franchising continually grows in popularity, as more and more businesses look to expand by way of a franchise structure. If you are looking for a way to quickly expand your business by taking advantage of the resources and capital of third parties or are thinking about taking on a franchise, there is a lot to think about. Thankfully, help is on hand.

Here at Pickering & Butters we have a dedicated, specialist franchising department. Whether you are in the early stages of thinking about franchising your business, already operate as a franchise and wish to restructure, or are thinking about expanding into an international market, the team can assist with all aspects.

What network structure best suits your operation? How do you work within the regulatory constraints? What are the tax implications? What agreements do you need? What do you need to think about in terms of data protection, licensing, insurance, logistics and reputation management? We’ll answer all these questions and more. Our services include: