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Franchising continually grows in popularity, as more and more businesses look to expand by way of a franchise structure. If you are looking for a way to quickly expand your business by taking advantage of the resources and capital of third parties or are thinking about taking on a franchise, there is a lot to think about.

Thankfully, help is on hand. Here at Pickering & Butters we have a dedicated franchising department specialising in all areas of franchise law. Whether you are in the early stages of thinking about franchising your business or already operate as a franchise and wish to restructure, we can assist you. We also regularly advise people considering becoming franchisees, ensuring that the franchise agreement you enter into works for you and that any problems or disputes can be swiftly resolved.

Wondering what network structure best suits your operation or how to work within the regulatory constraints? Not sure about what agreements you need? Looking for advice on what you need to think about in terms of data protection, licensing, insurance, logistics and reputation management?

We can answer all these questions and more, as well as identifying the issues you might not even have considered, ensuring you stay legally and financially protected while being able to achieve your business goals.

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Our franchise law services in Stafford & Rugeley

We offer comprehensive legal advice and support for franchisors and franchisees in a wide range of industries, covering all the key aspects of establishing and managing a franchised business model or individual franchise.

Franchise Agreements

Franchise agreements establish the framework for the relationships between franchisors and franchisees. The agreement will set out each party’s rights and responsibilities, the franchise fees and any other key details. Franchise agreements can be highly complicated documents, so both franchisor and franchisee need to have their own expert legal representation to ensure all of the necessary details are accounted for and understood by both parties.

With many years of experience creating, reviewing and amending franchise agreements, our franchise law team can advise you on everything that should be included in a franchise agreement to protect your interests and facilitate your success. We can also make sure proactive measures are included to limit the chances of franchise disputes and make any arguments that do arise easier to resolve.

Franchise structuring advice

There are various different options for structuring a franchised business, including unit franchises, master franchises and joint ventures. Choosing the right franchise structure for your business goals and overall commercial strategy is essential, as getting the right structure in place can make the difference between long term success or failure for your business.

Our franchising solicitors will take the time to understand your business and what you hope to achieve, then advise you on the most appropriate structure for franchising your business so you can achieve sustainable growth and achieve your commercial objectives.

Acquisition and disposal of franchised businesses

If you are considering buying a franchise or are a current franchisee planning on selling your franchise, it is essential to understand all of the legal implications and your obligations towards the franchisor. This can help to ensure the deal can go ahead quickly and smoothly while keeping you financially and legally protected.

Our franchise law team can advise you on all of the relevant issues, including valuations for the franchise, due diligence, dealing with existing employees and anything else you need to consider to stay legally compliant and achieve your commercial goals.

Franchise dispute resolution

Whenever there is a business relationship between two people, there is always the possibility for conflict. This is no different for franchisors and franchisees, but because you are so dependent on each other for success, finding fast, cost-effective solutions to franchise disputes is in everyone’s best interests.

We have extensive experience in franchise dispute resolution, so can help you achieve an outcome that protects your interests while allowing both parties to move forward in a positive way as soon as possible. Our team will identify your issues and objectives, then present solutions that allow the best possible resolution.

We have particular expertise in non-confrontational dispute resolution, which means we can generally help clients achieve a positive outcome without resorting to court action in most cases. This can be especially important for franchised businesses as it can allow you to repair the franchisor-franchisee relationship, making it easier for you to continue working together.

Why choose Pickering & Butters franchising solicitors in Stafford & Rugeley?

Pickering & Butters is a Lexcel accredited law firm, reflecting the high standards of our legal practice and client care. We understand the need to balance legal considerations with the commercial realities of running a business, so always aim to offer advice and solutions that match your business goals while keeping you in compliance with the law.

Our franchising solicitors in Rugeley and Stafford have decades of experience helping franchisors and franchisees to make their businesses succeed under even the most challenging circumstances. We promise to listen to your needs then explain your options in plain English, so you can have complete confidence in the choices you make for your business. Our goal is to make franchising as simple and effective as possible so you can get the results you need cost-effectively and with minimal fuss.

We aim to provide a progressive legal service that matches the changing needs of our clients and the modern business world. We do this through a combination of traditional legal expertise and the latest in modern technology, allowing us to offer convenient, expert legal services for 21st century businesses.

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