Agricultural Law Solicitors

Working in the agricultural and rural sector, you will regularly come up against a raft of legal issues which are constantly growing and changing.

But with experts on your side who speak your language and truly understand the industry and the challenges you face, you’ll be able to switch your focus to developing the longstanding, successful business you’ve always wished for; one that will stand the test of time, ready to be handed on to future generations.

Specialised knowledge & experience makes all the difference

At Pickering & Butters, our dedicated agricultural law team is on hand to help and guide you through the twists and turns of the rural sector, working side by side with you and offering the specialised knowledge and experience in the agricultural and rural sector that will make all the difference.

Our agricultural law solicitors can advise you on all aspects of the industry and related issues, including:

We’re here to help and look forward to getting to know you and your agricultural or rural business for the long term.

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Our agricultural and rural law services

Agricultural property and agricultural land law

Our agricultural law solicitors are highly experienced with all types of property and land matters, so can provide practical, reliable advice to ensure you can achieve your aims while mitigating any potential risks.

Our expertise includes:

Commercial law advice for farming and rural businesses

Our agricultural lawyers are experts in advising rural businesses on the commercial side of their operations, as well as being able to draw on expertise from our Commercial Law team.

Our expertise includes:

Employment law advice for agricultural and rural businesses

Employers in the agricultural and rural sector are subject to the same obligations as any other employer, as well as having to deal with issues specific to their business type. We can provide seasoned advice on all of the issues you need help with, allowing you to operate effectively and in full compliance with all relevant legislation.

Our expertise includes:

  • Employment contracts
  • Health and safety regulations

Rural and farming estate, tax and succession planning

Planning for the future of your business, estate, and loved ones can be a sensitive and daunting task, but it is important not to put these things off. Working closely with our Wills, Trusts and Probate team, we can ensure you have all the right plans in place to match your intentions and protect the things and people that matter most to you.

Our expertise includes:

  • Farm tax planning
  • Estate planning & management, trusts & wills
  • Succession planning

Farming and rural disputes

Disputes can be very damaging to a business and to personal relationships, so it is important to seek early advice as this can often allow any negative impact to be minimised or avoided entirely. Our agricultural law solicitors can provide clear advice on your rights and legal options, with strong experience in both alternative dispute resolution and court proceedings.

Our expertise includes:

  • Agricultural asset disputes
  • Rural planning and construction disputes
  • Agricultural partnership disputes
  • Agricultural and rural employment issues
  • Rural land and property and environmental issues

Why choose Pickering & Butters for agricultural law?

Dedicated expertise in agricultural and rural law

Partner Daniel Pegg is a specialist in agricultural law and rural law, with expertise including handling high value farm purchases, multi-million pound land development projects, agricultural tenancy law and a wide range of other matters.

With many years of experience advising farmers, landowners and rural businesses, our team can provide expert advice carefully tailored to your needs, grounded in a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in the agricultural and rural sector.

Strong commercial focus

Agricultural law firms need to offer more than just the correct legal advice. We also need to make sure that the solutions we provide make sound commercial sense, helping you to avoid potential problems whilst making the most of your opportunities.

Our agricultural law solicitors have strong commercial acumen with a firm focus on adding real world value to your business. We see our services as an investment in your business’s future prosperity and approach our work with this in mind.

Personal service every step of the way

Your business matters to us. We aim to build long-lasting, fruitful relationships with our clients and providing a genuinely personal service is a key part of that vision.

From your first contact with our firm, through every stage of working with us, you will have dedicated support from people who understand who you are and what you want to achieve. This way, we can provide a service you can have total confidence in while also ensuring we can deliver the results you expect.

Our agricultural law fees

When making business or personal decisions, the cost of legal advice must always be proportionate to the outcome you want to achieve and the quality of the service you receive. Our agricultural law solicitors fully understand this, so we are committed to providing a first-class legal service that adds real value for you at a sensible price.

For some matters, we may be able to operate on a fixed fee basis, e.g. when preparing straightforward agricultural tenancies. This makes the costs involved completely clear.

For more complex matters, we may charge an hourly rate to cover ongoing legal support. This hourly rate will depend on the level of expertise needed to meet your needs.

Our agricultural law solicitors will be happy to discuss the likely costs involved in servicing your requirements over the phone, by email or through videoconferencing.

You can also take a look at our pricing for more general information about our legal fees.

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