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Whether you are landlord or tenant, there is a whole host of specialist guidance and advice waiting to help you courtesy of the dedicated agricultural and rural team at Pickering & Butters.

The law surrounding agricultural tenancies is complex, so it is beneficial to have experts on your side with industry specific knowledge and experience. Whether you need assistance with a Farm Business Tenancy or Protected Tenancy, Grazing Licences or Fishing Leases, you can rest assured of our familiarity with the obligations of both landlord and tenant. We are also able to guide you through the complex succession rights under Protected Tenancies.

If you are in dispute over an agricultural tenancy, you’ll find our dedicated dispute resolution specialists on hand to help get your issues resolved as swiftly and amicably as possible.

With decades of experience in all of the legal issues related to agricultural tenancies, our lawyers offer fast, effective legal solutions that take into account the unique needs of rural businesses.

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Our agricultural tenancy services

Our agricultural tenancy solicitors offer a comprehensive range of legal services for a wide variety of agricultural businesses in Staffordshire and across the UK.

Farm business tenancies

An agricultural tenancy agreed after 1 September 1995 will be governed by the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 and is commonly referred to as a ‘farm business tenancy’.

This type of tenancy allows landlords and tenants to negotiate their own rent levels and decide when to have rent reviews. Either party is legally entitled to a rent review every 3 years, but the two parties can agree a different schedule e.g. every 5 years.

The 1995 Act sets out the compensation tenants are entitled to for any changes or improvements they make to the property that increases value and also establishes a minimum notice period of 12 months to end any tenancy with a term of 2 years or more.

1986 Act agricultural tenancies

An agricultural tenancy agreed before 1 September 1995 will usually be governed by the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 and is commonly referred to as a ‘Protected Tenancy’.

Protected tenancies usually provide lifetime tenure and those granted prior to 12 July 1984 also provide statutory succession rights. Both parties have the right to a rent review every 3 years and the Act also sets out the circumstances under which tenants are entitled to compensation for improvements to the property during their tenancy.

Grazing licences

Grazing licences allow someone the right to temporarily place their animals on a piece of land for the purposes of grazing without offering the same rights as a full agricultural tenancy. They can provide a very useful way to provide short-term revenue from a piece of land while ensuring you can easily take back possession when the licence period is over.

Assured agricultural occupancy

Agricultural workers given a self-contained home as part of their job may automatically have an “assured agricultural occupancy” whether this was the intention of the business owner or not. This gives the occupant a number of legal rights, so if you are a farmer granting a home to an employee or an agricultural worker occupying a property owner by your employer, it is important to be clear on your rights and responsibilities.

Our agricultural tenancy solicitors can advise you on issues such as eligibility for assured agricultural occupancy, alternative tenancy types, ending a tenancy, non-payment of rent and more.

Fishing leases and licence agreements

Fishing leases allow a landowner to grant fishing rights to individuals or clubs for a fixed term in exchange for an annual licence fee. The licence normally gives the holder other rights, such as to drive over and park on the landowner’s property. A fishing licence can also specify that fishing is allowed only on certain days and between fixed hours.

Agricultural tenancy dispute resolution

Our highly experienced dispute resolution team regularly works with a wide range of farmers, agricultural workers and agricultural businesses on a variety of agricultural tenancy disputes.

With our expertise in alternative dispute resolution, we are usually able to achieve a positive outcome without the need for court action. This will not only save you time and money, it also helps to keep conflict to a minimum, allowing you to preserve better relationships with your tenant or landlord and helping to protect your reputation.

Why choose Pickering & Butters agricultural tenancy solicitors?

As one of Staffordshire’s oldest law firms, with a history going back to 1890, we have a strong connection with the local agricultural community and an excellent network of professional contacts. This means we can offer the very best service to our clients, resolving issues faster and more effectively while helping to connect you with other useful professionals where necessary.

As well as our specialist expertise in agricultural law, Pickering & Butters is also home to a number of other departments whose specialist knowledge can be extremely beneficial to agricultural businesses. This includes our commercial property team, commercial litigation team, family law team and employment law team. Our range of specialisations means we can provide a complete legal solution for your agricultural business, no matter what issues you are facing.

Pickering & Butters is Lexcel accredited by the Law Society for the high quality of our legal practice and client care. We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and receive annual visits from an independent assessor meaning our clients can have confidence that we always adhere to the strictest legal and professional standards.

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