Agricultural Tenancies

Whether you are landlord or tenant, there is a whole host of specialist guidance and advice waiting to help you courtesy of the dedicated agricultural and rural team at Pickering & Butters.

The law surrounding agricultural tenancies is complex, so it is beneficial to have experts on your side with industry specific knowledge and experience. Whether you need assistance with a Farm Business Tenancy or Protected Tenancy, Grazing Licences or Fishing Leases, you can rest assured of our familiarity with the obligations of both landlord and tenant. We are also able to guide you through the complex succession rights under Protected Tenancies.

Agricultural Tenancy Disputes

If you are in dispute over an agricultural tenancy, you’ll find our dedicated dispute resolution specialists on hand to help get your issues resolved as swiftly and amicably as possible.

For tailored advice on any agricultural tenancy matter, please get in touch.