Contentious Probate & Inheritance Act Claims

The provisions of a will can often lead to disputes, as can the way the estate of someone who has passed away is dealt with. This is a time when you are bound to be feeling emotionally drained, so if a disagreement has arisen, you are going to need prompt advice from sympathetic experts who understand what you are facing.

That’s precisely what you’ll get from Pickering & Butters. Our expertise in this area is extensive, and the following is a list of some of the things we can advise you on:

  • Where you feel that inadequate provision has been made for you in a will, and you would like to contest it under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975.
  • Challenging a will. For example, where you have concern as to the mental capacity of the person who made the will, or where there is concern as to undue influence at the time the will was made. Either of these can invalidate a will.
  • Disputed administration of estates claims, i.e. where you feel that an estate has not been properly dealt with, for example assets not correctly distributed.
  • The interpretation of wills and trust documents. Problems can arise if the appropriate formalities have not been followed in the creation of the document which may result in it being invalid.
  • Disputes between executors or trustees.
  • Claims against professional advisers, particularly concerning the preparation of wills and dealing with the distribution of estates, trusts, calculation and payment of taxes, etc. This is known as professional negligence.

It is vital to note that time limits are very important when bringing claims under the Inheritance Act. In some instances these can be as little as six months, so it is imperative to see advice without delay.

If you are in dispute or have had an issue with a professional concerning a will or estate, please get in touch.