Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures for Employees

Disciplinary procedures are usually commenced when an employer has concerns over an employee’s standard of work, or their conduct.  If you feel you have been unfairly treated at work, then you may raise a grievance against your employer.

Both processes must follow a set of strict procedures. If you have found yourself in either of these situations, taking advice from an employment law expert is essential, and you should do this as early on as possible.

Here at Pickering & Butters we regularly deal with such matters, and are on hand to advise you on your rights, to explain how the process should work and to ascertain whether there are indeed grounds for action. We can then go on to take you through the next steps if necessary, and help you resolve any dispute.

Having someone to talk to who understands how these issues can impact on your daily working life makes all the difference. Talk to the dedicated experts at Pickering & Butters today, and put your mind at rest.

For tailored legal advice on any grievance or disciplinary matter, please get in touch with our Staffordshire solicitors in Stafford and Rugeley