Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures for Employers

If you have concerns over an employee’s standard of work, or their conduct, there are set processes you need to follow in dealing with them. These are known as disciplinary procedures, and you should have these documented in your policies and procedures handbook.

On the other hand, if an employee feels they have been unfairly treated then they may raise a grievance against you as their employer. Again, this will have to follow a set procedure which will be documented in your staff handbook.

If you have found yourself in either of these situations, we’re here to help make sure you stay within the law when dealing with them. Here at Pickering & Butters we regularly deal with such matters, and are on hand to explain how the process should work and to ascertain whether there are grounds for action on either side. We can then go on to guide you through the next steps if necessary, and help you resolve any dispute.

Grievances and issues with conduct can affect morale and productivity, and generally create bad feeling in the workplace. Nipping them in the bud using the right procedures, and with a fair and amicable approach, will see things get back to normal in a timely fashion. And that’s precisely what our dedicated employment law experts are here to help you do.

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