Redundancy for Employers

If you have found yourself with a need to reduce your workforce, you are probably considering redundancies.

It is crucial to take advice even before you make your final decision on whether to proceed, because there are very strict procedures to follow. Employees have certain rights, may be eligible for redundancy pay, a notice period, a consultation with you as their employer, the option to move into a different role or to another branch, and time off to look for a new job.

Selection has to be fair otherwise you could face a claim for unfair dismissal.

Expert Advice on Redundancy & Dismissal

Here at Pickering & Butters we have a dedicated team of employment law specialists to call upon for expert advice on all redundancy and dismissal matters. It is wise to speak to them right at the start so you can be sure you are within the law at every step. They’ll guide you through the process, explaining how everything should work and ensuring all is as smooth running and amicable as possible.

For tailored legal advice when considering redundancies, please get in touch with our Staffordshire solicitors in Stafford and Rugeley