Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is the term used to describe the various approaches designed to help settle disputes out of court.  

ADR is becoming increasingly popular as a means of settling family disputes, and it is no wonder. The emotional strain brought about by the court process is something we try to avoid whenever possible here at Pickering & Butters, and of course the limitations on Legal Aid as a way of funding court proceedings now make it almost inaccessible in many cases.


The most widely used method of ADR for family matters is mediation. If you are facing family related issues then this will more often than not be the process that is recommended to try to resolve them.  In fact, the law now states that unless there are exceptional circumstances, mediation must be used before a court application will even be heard.

When you work with us to resolve family issues, we will arrange your mediation sessions for you and guide you alongside them, ensuring you are fully aware of your legal rights when entering into negotiations. So you will always have us by your side throughout the whole process.


Arbitration is similar to court proceedings in that both parties present their case to an independent arbitrator who will issue a ruling known as the ‘award’. Whilst there are similarities to court, it is a preferential method thanks to its speed and flexibility. It is also a less costly alternative to court.

When it’s time to settle family related disputes and issues, you’ll find the friendly experts here at Pickering & Butters ready and waiting to help with a range of resolution options.

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