Collaborative Family Law Lawyers

The collaborative approach to family law is a relatively new, but fast growing and popular way of dealing with family disputes. Here at Pickering & Butters we champion this method, because everyone involved is absolutely committed to finding the best solutions by agreement, rather than through court proceedings.

If you decide to opt for collaborative law to resolve your dispute, you will be in safe hands by choosing Pickering & Butters, as we are one of the very first firms in Staffordshire to have a full team of specialist collaborative lawyers within its family department.

If you choose to deal with your separation collaboratively, each party appoints their own specially trained collaborative lawyer and the lawyers and clients meet together in a series of four way meetings to resolve the issues.  This means you can agree who starts the divorce, how the finances should be considered and reach an agreement regarding the children through a more holistic approach where correspondence is minimized and things are dealt with directly. This means we can focus entirely on a swift and amicable resolution for you.

Before the first meeting begins, an agreement is signed committing all involved to doing everything possible to resolve all the issues without going to court. This, and the fact that the solicitors involved are prevented from representing you should the process break down and the case reach court, demonstrates the commitment to a resolution outside of court.

Collaborative law is something we highly recommend and have had great success with, in particular where there are disputes concerning children or finances. In our experience it almost always results in a more amicable conclusion, saving time and money in the process.

Our expertly trained collaborative lawyers are ready and waiting to help with your particular case.

For tailored legal advice on collaborative law, please get in touch with our Staffordshire solicitors in Stafford and Rugeley