Change of Name - Deed Poll

A Change of Name Deed, commonly known as a ‘Deed Poll’, is a legal document which allows you to officially change your name.

Once you have signed a Deed you can register it with official organisations such as the Passport Office, the DVLA, your banks, etc. so that your name will appear as you wish on all your documentation.

Here at Pickering & Butters we prepare and execute Change of Name Deeds for a fixed fee of £200 plus VAT. 

Change of Name on Marriage

You don’t need a Change of Name Deed to take your spouse’s surname on marriage. All you need to do is send a copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate to record-holders who should update your details free of charge.

Similarly, if you divorce or end your civil partnership, you can revert to your maiden name by showing record-holders either your decree absolute or birth certificate. However, we often find that organisations such as the Passport Office will require a Change of Name Deed as well. We can assist with this and provide you with the documentation you require.

For tailored legal advice on changing a name, please get in touch with our Staffordshire solicitors in Stafford and Rugeley