High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers in Staffordshire

Divorce is rarely easy, but when there are high value assets to consider, it can be particularly challenging. This is why you need expert legal guidance from divorce lawyers experienced in advising and representing high net worth individuals.

At Pickering & Butters, we regularly work with people looking to secure a favourable divorce settlement where one or both parties have a substantial income and/or assets. Our expertise includes business ownership, international assets, savings, investments and pension entitlements.

We prefer to take a non-confrontational approach to divorce, aiming to achieve a settlement through voluntary agreement wherever possible. However, should court proceedings be required, we can make sure you have the expert advice and robust representation you need to secure the right outcome for your future.

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We offer a free 30-minute initial consultation with our divorce law specialists. This gives you the opportunity to explain your situation and the outcome you need to achieve, then we can talk you through your options, as well as the likely timescales and costs involved.

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Our expertise in handling high net worth divorce

We regularly handle high net worth divorces involving complex assets and issues such as business ownership, overseas assets and prenuptial agreements.

By providing aa pragmatic mindset and strong personal support, we can help you untangle even the most challenging issues, allowing you to make a clean break that gives you the positive future you deserve.

Our family lawyers Amy Bedford, Donna Nicholls, Gill Patterson and Karen Wilson are all members of Resolution, the professional network for family law specialists committed to removing conflict from divorce and family law.

Amy and Gill are both also trained collaborative lawyers. This allows them to offer this highly effective form of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which is particularly well-suited to high value divorces where there are often complex assets and issues to deal with.


How we can help you with your divorce


Our highly experienced divorce lawyers can assist with every aspect of divorce proceedings, including:

For specific advice on how we can help with your divorce, please get in touch.

The benefits of using Alternative Dispute Resolution for your divorce

Using Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods such as mediation, collaborative law and arbitration can be a much more attractive option than taking your divorce through the courts for a number of reasons.

Key benefits of using ADR for your divorce can include:

  • Lower legal fees
  • Getting your divorce finalised faster
  • Avoiding unnecessary conflict and stress
  • Keeping control of decisions over your finances, children & future (rather than putting these decisions in the hands of a judge)
  • Keeping the details of your divorce private (unlike court proceedings, which are open to the public)

We can assist with several different methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution at Pickering & Butters and will be happy to advise you on which we feel is most appropriate for your circumstances and priorities.


This is now the most common way to deal with divorce and you will normally need to at least consider mediation before you can take your divorce through the courts.

The process involves a series of meetings with your spouse and a trained mediator with the aim of agreeing how to deal with issues such as making a financial settlement and arrangements for children.

Any agreement made through mediation will be voluntary, but can be made legally binding by applying to a court for a Consent Order.

Collaborative law

Head of Family Law Amy Bedford and family lawyer Gill Patterson are both qualified collaborative lawyers.

Collaborative law involves a series of round-the-table meetings between you, your spouse and your respective lawyers (who must be trained in collaborative law). The goal is to negotiate the details of your divorce with the benefit of having your own legal expert by your side to advise and represent you.

You can also have other professional experts, such as financial advisers and accountants, sit in on the meetings where their expertise would be useful.


If you are unable to reach a voluntary agreement, but would still prefer to avoid court proceedings, arbitration can be an attractive option.

A trained arbitrator will review your situation and decide on issues such as a financial settlements or arrangements for children that you cannot reach agreement on. Both you and your spouse will need to agree to abide by the arbitrator’s decision and present evidence to support your positions.

While arbitration does involve putting these decisions into the hands of a third party, it is usually much faster, less costly and less acrimonious that court proceedings.

Our divorce fees

The legal costs involved with divorce are often a source of anxiety, so we offer a number of options to help give you certainty over the costs involved and make sure our fees are not an additional source of stress at this difficult time.

Fixed fee divorce services – Many aspects of your divorce, such as preparing and submitting a divorce petition, can be completed on a fixed fee basis, so you will know the exact cost in advance.

Competitive hourly rates – Where ongoing legal support is required, we will typically charge according to a set hourly rate, dependant on the level of expertise required to deal effectively with your matter.

Deferred payment – In most cases, we can defer payment of our fees until you have secured a financial settlement, easing the financial pressure on you during this period of transition.

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